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Patient and Public Involvement – What does it mean to us? 

We believe the outcome of effective patient and public involvement is the ability for people to influence, collaborate and co-produce better health and care. Patient and Public Involvement doesn’t have to be big and showy. It can be brought about through being open, engaging in conversation, and seemingly small actions, but actions none the less that live out an invitation to break down the barriers that keep people out.

Why do we do it?

20 years ago I had my daughter at St Thomas’ Hospital. A paediatrician noticed I had something to say about my experience and asked me to join the Maternity Services Liaison Committee. In my early twenties, having never attended a meeting before in my life, in precocious fashion I set about doing what I could to make sure women and families would always be the most important thing about how maternity services are delivered. The Head of Midwifery at the time supported me to take a career change and found the funding for a Masters module in Community Development. Twenty years later I am still involved in making sure people are the most important thing about how health care is delivered, but now my interests extend across all areas of health and care. P

How do we do it?

PPI Solutions supports organisations to engage the public and service users meaningfully in all aspects of planning, commissioning, developing and decision-making in public services. Using our specialist skills and a wealth of experience we work with our clients to create innovative consultancy, training and community engagement services. Our clients encompass a broad range of public, third and education sector organisations across the country. We always design our support to meet our clients’ specific needs. What’s more, we believe that our services should result in real outcomes that can be practically applied, measured for success and felt on the ground.

What other people say about us

‘Jessie’s expertise and experience was invaluable to us when we were planning a series of focus groups with patients.  From the initial discussions through to delivery of the focus groups and reporting the findings, Jessie’s skills and approach were exactly what we needed.  She has a professional yet apparently informal way of engaging with patients and their carers, and created an environment where people felt safe to open up and talk about their experiences.  She also produced excellent reports and presentations following the focus groups, which enabled us to share the learning from them within our organisation and externally.  We might have been able to conduct the focus groups without her, but having an external facilitator definitely added to the credibility of the process, and enabled us to have honest conversations and to learn first-hand from our patients’ stories about their care.’ Margaret Luce, Head of Patient, Public Involvement and Public Education, London Ambulance Service

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PPI Solutions provides a wide range of services to help you engage with your communities. Whatever your goals we can create a package, give you support or run training to help you meet them.