Associates – Deb Saunders


Deb Saunders

Deb is a freelance consultant and trainer working mainly but not exclusively with the third sector she has a wealth of experience at both Board and implementation level.

After a successful career with Public Health Deb was headhunted to turn around a LINk [Local Involvement Network]organisation to ensure it a profile and credibility for the move to local Healthwatch.

Deb was appointed CEO of the new Healthwatch organisation to which she brought her passion for engaging patients and the public in decision making at all levels as well as championing partnership working across sectors.Having established and positioned Healthwatch in the local economy she returned to freelance work in July 14.

Deb has developed and delivered many courses and consultancy for a variety of clients both in the public and third sectors often around themes of personal growth and/or change management. She is an expert in helping individuals and organisations understand and develop through changing times and uncertain work landscapes.

A counsellor for over 30 years Deb brings a breadth and depth of understanding to her training work that allows a level of interpersonal interaction that some participants find transformational.
In recent years she has specialised in Bereavement work and has trained counsellors in many aspects of this subject.

Deb enjoys a challenge and brings a personal commitment and ethical stance to her work; she is a creative thinker with many years’ experience of working at all levels across communities. She forges strong partnerships and has a history of working with organisations that represent the seldom heard.


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