Leading the way in developing Local Healthwatch

PPI Solutions worked with West Sussex County Council throughout the transition from LINk to Local Healthwatch.

We first became involved in 2011 with the aim of providing support to ensure an effective, efficient and representative Local Healthwatch was created. Over the following year, we took the client through every step of the process from creating a plan and timeline, to designing an engagement strategy, and developing a service specification.

West Sussex was one of the first areas in the country to have its Local Healthwatch up and running. We have been commissioned for a further project to ensure that a valuable legacy is created from the LINk.

“PPI Solutions has provided valuable assistance throughout the planning and procurement of the new Healthwatch service for West Sussex, and PPI Solutions continues to assist with the transition process.

“In particular, I have appreciated the breadth of knowledge that underpins Jessie’s advice and her significant contributions when we were engaging with the public, shaping the vision for the new service and subsequently with the preparation of the service specification and procurement documents.”
Mike Link, head of planning and partnerships, West Sussex County Council

PPI Solutions have worked as the consultancy to develop more than 15 Healthwatch across the Country. Recognised in 2014 by having two of their projects, Healthwatch Staffordshire (winner) and Healthwatch East Sussex (highly commended) for best Healthwatch teams in the Country.


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