A truly enterprising social enterprise

Working with East Sussex Community Voice we undertook a PEST analysis. Looking at the political, environmental, social and technological influencing factors likely to impact the organisation in the coming 3 years. This enabled the Board to take a strategic view of the opportunities available for it to develop its offer to the wider market. This work informed a business development planning session. With support from Andrew Laird at Mutual Ventures who brought specific expertise in developing business models, we worked with the Board to consider specific services and products that would introduce a unique and valuable contribution to its potential customers and clients.

The model of using a partner framework to strengthen working relationships with the third and independent sectors in the area was adopted. This was felt to be the best way to access, track record, skill and capacity in a flexible way. This also mitigated risks to the organisation allowing it to keep its core workforce lean. The partner framework has in excess of 20 local organisations on it, all assessed for competence and viability. The partner framework is already in good use with ESCV providing a range of services to the local health and social care commissioners and providers. More information on the Partner Franework can be seen at the ESCV website.


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