Developing a Vision for Healthwatch

We were invited by Healthwatch Warwickshire to work with their Board and staff team to develop a Vision that would easily sum them up and that they could use to describe to others what they did.

Working in small mixed groups the team looked at what local people had said they wanted from a Healthwatch in Warwickshire as part of a public consultation exercise we have run. From this overview, the groups were asked to ‘bid’ for 5  key words that they felt were inherently important to the future success of Healthwatch Warwickshire and to present these to their colleagues.

Individually team members were asked to vote for the three words they felt were the most important and through discussion the following statement was agreed on the day:

Healthwatch Warwickshire stands for… ‘The people of Warwickshire having an effective voice in improving health and social care across Warwickshire’

Output from this first event led to a follow up session with the Board to look in more detail at risk planning and at adopting a prioritisation approach that was evidence based and auditable.

This work has left Healthwatch Warwickshire in a strong position going into year two and we are planning to work with the team again to focus on business development opportunities.


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