Patients and the Public at the heart of London Ambulance Service

This year we have had the privilege of working for the London Ambulance Service. At the start of a new five-year planning cycle the London Ambulance Service were keen to make sure that their strategy for patient and public engagement was fit for purpose and in line with local needs and aspirations.

We worked with them to hold an engagement event with patient representatives. Inviting a wide range of people, groups and organisations we focused discussions around four key elements, Individual Participation – people in control of their own care, Public Participation – communities with influence, Insight and Feedback – understanding people’s experience to improve services, and Governance and Assurance – how we are accountable to the people we serve.

Discussions were wide ranging and have led to specific plans to develop patient and public engagement for the London Ambulance Service.

“Jessie’s advice both theoretical and practical was invaluable to us. She has a sound knowledge of best practice, and how to translate that into a reality that worked for our organisation. She is also an expert facilitator  – we had compliments on the day of our patient engagement event. I would recommend Jessie for her knowledge, skills and contacts with community groups and patient groups.”

Charlotte Gawne, Director of Communications. London Ambulance Service


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