Spearheading a new body to represent Mid Staffordshire’s communities

In 2009, Dr David Colin Thomé’s review of failings in patient care at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust highlighted the lack of good patient engagement as a key fault. He urged the trust to involve patients more in the design, delivery and quality assurance of their services.

The Department of Health appointed PPI Solutions to help. We worked across all the different communities of interest to create an appetite for community engagement and considered how local people could best have their voices heard within the health and social care system.

At the end of six months’ work, we proposed to develop and test the concept of creating a new type of organisation which would represent the community. Staffordshire County Council employed us to see this project through and, ultimately, we played a key role in developing a new social enterprise,  Engaging Communities Staffordshire (ECS). ECS launched in 2012 and is an independent community-led body that supports the public to have a real voice in public services. It currently hosts the LINk and in 2013 will provide Local Healthwatch.

The ground-breaking work in Staffordshire has been instrumental in shaping Local Healthwatch as independent social enterprises, recognised in 2014 for its achievements by winning the Healthwatch of the year award at the Healthwatch England Annual Conference.

“Jessie possesses great knowledge of engagement…and has excellent communication and social skills to be the successful project lead she undoubtedly is.”
Dr David Colin Thomé, National Clinical Director for Primary Care 2010


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