100% increase in confidence to do patient and public involvement

March 19, 2018

February saw the showcase event for the 17 – 18 Empowering Engagement Cohort in North East Hants and Farnham.

Attended by over 50 people from inside and outide of the CCG the group got to share their projects and learning as well as engaging the audience in a debate about supporting colleagues to engage with patients and the public at the start and throughout the design and improvement of services.

We asked people to tell us three things they learnt from the programme, one person said: “The value that patients and the public bring in designing services that function better for patients – how to transform tokentistic conversations into constructive ones within management teams – the virtues of a good leader”.

We asked people what one thing will you do differently at work now, a group member said “Involve patients and the public in as many areas of my work as possible. The commissioning cycle has helped me to understand the timescales it takes for meaningful engagement, so I will aim to carry out engagements as early as possible”.

You can view the case study posters for all Empowering Engagement Projects by clicking here.

Jessie Cunnett course Director said, “The Empowering Engagement Programme has been one of the best things I’ve been involved with. By working with people over a period of months, it enables a time for reflection and deeper thinking about the benefits of patient and public engagement. Exploring how it can improve the quality of services through the application of theory to practice. The group works together to create a supportive network too. It is great to see that the group is working together more closely day to day and has formed a wider network with those that did the programme last year and those who have done it on the Isle of Wight”.

For more information about The Empowering Engagement Programme and to find out how you could benefit please get in touch: info@patientpublicinvolvement.com or 07964 007884



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