A strategy for patient and public engagement in North East London

August 2, 2016

Earlier this year we worked closely with three Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in North East London. Through a series of face to face meetings, a polling exercise and a stakeholder event, together with local people we created a strategy to support patient and public engagement across the three CCGs.

‘Working with people to develop the strategy has been the most important part, you can say all the right things, but if people are not involved in the process it has no local meaning and is just a technical and theoretical exercise that sits on a shelf gathering dust’ says Deb Saunders, PPI Solutions Associate.

As part of a wider strategic approach a polling exercise was conducted to develop a list of guiding principles to act as a cornerstone for the way patient and public engagement should be approached.

  • Be open and honest about what is possible and what is not possible
  • Involve people as early as possible, listen and act on patients and carer feedback every step of the way and tell people how their involvement made a difference throughout the process and at the end
  • Be accessible, the way you engage people should be tailored to the people you are trying to engage, ask people what will work best for them
  • Communicate clearly in easy to understand, plain English
  • Allocate appropriate resources and support so that engagement can be effective
  • Work hard to seek the views of people and communities who experience the highest health inequalities and the poorest health outcomes
  • Base relationships on equality and respect, patients, carers and the public have an equal voice to professionals
  • Work with relevant partner organisations

The existing patient engagement forums will play a key role in supporting the CCG to deliver against the strategy and in the delivery of the action plan over the coming year.

‘Having worked hard to develop our approach to patient and public engagement, the coming year will be particularly important as we ensure the actions are carried out to implement it and that local people become an everyday part of the way we choose and buy services’ Marie Price, Director of Corporate Services, Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge CCGs.

You can see an outline strategy here, feel free to use this as a starting point, but please remember to engage your local people in its development!


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