An 80% increase in confidence as a result of the Empowering Engagement Programme

May 2, 2017

We have now completed the first round of our pioneering Empowering Engagement Programme with North East Hampshire and Farnham CCG. In partnership with Wessex Voices the programme started in November last year and has covered; what is engagement and why bother, collaborative commissioning, leadership, change management, personal styles and behaviours, models and methods for engagement and evaluation.

The cohort overall identified an 80% increase in confidence when it came to patient and public engagement from the beginning to the end of the 6 months.

There have been 6 people on the group who have met monthly to take part, using a seminar format with Action Learning Sets participants have each been working on live engagement projects through the life of the programme.

The projects participants chose to focus on are:

  • Lesley Rosling an Aldershot GP and Clinical Lead for Mental Health chose to focus on Service users and GPs working together to improve the experience and outcomes for people with mental health needs – using theatre and creative writing GPs will work with service users to explore how GP consultations can be improved.
  • Alex Greenway, Macmillan Cancer Strategy Implementation Manager, focused on Ensuring the stratification protocol for people with breast cancer is patient centred and built service specifications – the views of women from a local singing group for people affected by breast cancer are being used to establish the basis for further research and engagement.
  • Lauren Pennington, Head of Primary and Planned Care Commissioning & Delivery, has been looking at Engaging with patients to design extended GP access that meets specific patients’ needs – young parents and working age adults have been identified specifically and discussion based work and social media is helping to fill the gaps in knowledge about service need and expectation.
  • Steve Clarke, Head of Quality Improvement has been concentrating on Using patient experiences to improve quality and inform performance improvement and contracting specifications – a staff support tool and guide is being developed to ensure patient experience is always fed in to quality and service improvement work.
  • Nick Parking, Senior Commissioning Manager, mental Health and Learning Disabilities chose to look at Developing a co-production and co-design approach for mental health service improvement – using music, comedy and reflective conversations the power of narrative is being used to ensure mental health is considered across all aspects of service improvement and commissioning.
  • Kaylee Godfrey, Head of Communications explored Supporting good practice in engagement and communication – a resource for staff and partners is being developed to show good practice, provide case studies and access to practical help for getting people involved.

Sharon Ward, Interim Associate Director of Communications and Engagement, said, “The idea to develop a programme locally to inspire and support staff to undertake engagement came from our community ambassadors, members of the public who support our engagement programme. There has been a great buzz about the course and the showcase was a great opportunity to share the learning and get others on board. The group of staff who took part are presenting the work to our Governing Body and will become patient and public engagement champions in the CCG to help spread the learning as far and wide as possible”.

The final showcase event was a celebration of engagement and learning. 64 people joined us for lunch, and each participant showed a poster presentations, providing an overview of their project. All 6 shared their insights and key learning points. Healthwatch Hampshire who co-facilitated modules throughout the programme created a film with staff from the CCG asking people to describe how they felt about patient and public engagement. The film is now being used as a way to share the learning with other staff and partners.

Another round of the programme is scheduled for the Autumn. Jessie Cunnett, PPI Director said, “We are aiming to work with the CCG, and Wessex Voices to build a strong and committed network of staff, partners and patients who are confident and capable of making patient and public engagement part of their every day work”.

“I really enjoyed the journey and the unexpected nature of the course. I think it was brilliant that all the work was done in the course with very little homework”.

The best part of the programme was, “being able to be honest on our views of engagement”, “guest speakers”, “exploring the breadth and depth of patient and public engagement”.

The one thing I will do differently as a result of the programme is, “think ‘engagement’ at every point (if I can)”, ask “where is the patient voice in this?”.

If you would like to find out more about this pioneering programme please email or call 07964 007884.


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