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January 10, 2014

We are delighted to be hosting a series of guest bloggers over the coming months. Introducing some thought provoking ideas and musings, first up is Breda Flaherty.

Breda’s focus is on developing leaders and professionals in changing organisations, and she is particularly intrigued by professional cultures at work, and how these impact on the ways organisations change and develop. Breda has a 20-year track record in organisation development, leadership programmes, project management, and individual coaching. Breda’s blog,  explores the possibilities of simulation and how this can enable a clarity of thinking and a lifting of the fog that often descends when we try to unravel complex multi-perspective issues.

Coming up next will be a series from Jane McGrath who will be considering some of the ideas from the Turning the World Upside Down challenge.

Jane McGrath’s life took a frightening turn when a sudden deep depression and OCD turned her from successful career woman to a patient getting little help from a failing Mental Health Trust. Finding her own route to recovery, she now advises the Trust as it works to create better services.

Jane has now travelled twice to Kerala: once as a ‘patient’ looking for approaches that would heal her, and secondly, this year as a researcher and film-maker seeking to capture the variety of approaches to recovery from mental illness in non-Western medicine.

Turning the World Upside Down – Mental Health Challenge is a collaboration with the Centre for Global Mental Health, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Maudsley International, Mind, and New York University to collect, promote and celebrate innovations in mental health. Click here to find out more about our collaborating partners. To read Janes blog click here. 

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