Choosing and Buying Services Together – Starter Guide

January 6, 2017

Following on from the successful Choosing and Buying Services Guide for Commissioners published by Wessex Voices last year, there is now a shortened ‘poster’ version – click here to access it. A simple A4 fold out provides a series of principles to underpin engagement activity, a checklist for supporting people who get involved and by popular demand an A3 poster of the ‘plan on a page’.

With the starter guide you get a neat way to create an outline plan to support engagement. It helps to make sure engagement tasks have a clear purpose and that they are planned well with a view to engaging specific people on specific subjects. On one page you can assess which part of the commissioning cycle you are on, whether the change is system wide or service specific, which communities it effects and which techniques and methods would be most appropriate. You can then access the Wessex Voices website for more information.

“It has been really great to continue working on this project, following feedback from commissioners, this quick guide and poster will be really useful. What we want is people engaged from the start and throughout but in a meaningful way” says Jessie Cunnett, Director at PPI Solutions.

For more information visit the Wessex Voices website here or contact us direct to find out how we can help you at




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