What is the Economic Case for Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement? #E4PPI – 3rd national conversation October 3rd 2013

July 1, 2013

Patient and Public Involvement Solutions are working for a third year with London South Bank University and the Higher Education Academy to put on the Third National Conversation on Educating for Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement #E4PPI

What’s it all about?

  • With over 120 people and organisations actively participating the #E4PPI workstream the conferences are supporting a growing social movement of people who are interested in the wider PPI environment
  • #E4PPI is developing a shared understanding of the current and future opportunities for educational innovation to support PPI across perspectives and disciplines
  • It provides an opportunity for multiple disciplines to contribute to this emerging learning agenda through the conferences, 2 PHD posts and further HE networks
  • We are exploring the viability of current workforce learning models to support and facilitate sustainable and impactful PPI

The Current Situation

  • Educational provision for PPI is somewhat fragmented and incidental
  • There are limited opportunities for investigating, testing, researching, teaching or advancing an emerging interdisciplinary approach
  • The development of formal educational provision is regularly outstripped by rapid developments in policy and implementation
  • Future policy would be improved with access to a better developed understanding of the wider PPI environment and access to the lessons from practice within that
The 3rd conference will raise the profile of the emerging ‘social movement’, recognise its existence and engaging wider participants within it. It will facilitate a national conversation exploring opportunities for re-designing learning provision for facilitating and empowering patients and service users and will address the key question of 2013 ‘What is the economic case for PPI?’ Bringing together people from across a range of perspectives and disciplines,
–Patient Safety
–Health Literacy
–Improving pathways and care processes
–Participating in Research
–Training Professionals
–Commissioning Services
–Scrutinising Services
Together we will hope to create a case for development and further debate that takes into account the whole system and how this can be supported over the coming years.


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