Empowering patients to particpate in commissioning

September 9, 2014

A third round of training for patients and the public to support them to engage in the work of local commissioners is being delivered in partnership with Healthwatch Central West London across the five CCGs in the West London Collaborative.  A partnership approach with Healthwatch, the CCGs and PPI Ltd, the course has received excellent feedback. The training has directly supported newly skilled and motivated patients and the public to actively engage in commissioning new services.

Participants gain most by attending all five sessions, but sessions also stand in their own right.  Healthwatch recruit participants, meet and greet at each session, the CCG contribute with external speakers and contributors and PPI Ltd provide the trainer and all material and content, as well as evaluation of each session and certificates of attendance.

Quote from Dr Puvana Rajakulendran PPE Clinical Lead West London CCG:

“The training organised by Healthwatch and delivered by PPI Ltd has been an essential and integral patient facing service. It has allowed NHS WLCCG to empower its patients to access NHS services effectively. The training has been well received by local population groups and patients alike, with patients being directly involved in informing key strategic priorities.”

Session 1: Introducing the health and social care landscape: This first session is designed to provide an introduction to the health and social care landscape and to explore local models of how this is being delivered. “The presenter was excellent. Very helpful to unraveling the interconnected webs”

Session 2: Designing services to meet the needs of local people: This session is designed to provide background information on what commissioning is and how it works within health and social care. Session about commissioning clearly showed the process and the key times when service user engagement should be involved”

Session 3: Patient and public engagement in procurement and contracting: This session is designed to provide  information on procurement and tendering processes used within health and social care.  “Really interesting to hear from other volunteers. Made a rather dry subject involving”

Session 4: Patient Feedback: Monitoring services and measuring success: This session is designed to focus on how patients and service users can play an essential role in monitoring and measuring the quality of health services.    The interaction and different tasks/group work kept us all engaged very well.”

Session 5: Getting involved: being effective: Designed to understand what being a patient representative or patient lead entails and how to feel confident in the role. As a new member … this day has given me a clearer understanding of the role and responsibilities. It has built up my confidence to contribute”

PPI Ltd Director Jessie Cunnett said, “Following the success of the course in West London we are really pleased to be taking the sessions to Newham this Autumn with the first date on September 30th. It is a pleasure and great fun to work with local people who want to make a difference. We even had a beautiful home baked cake at each of the sessions in Ealing courtesy of Comfort Fullick”.

If you are interested in attending the courses or would like more information on how to get a course up and running in your area please get in touch. info@patientpublicinvolvement.com or call 07964 007884



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