Hardwiring patient and public involvement and engagement

June 30, 2012

How and why to engage the public and patients in the commissioning and provision of services can appear difficult because of the huge numbers of models and definitions that currently exist.

However, a new publication from the national learning network for health and wellbeing boards aims to give a clear overview of the policy context and signpost to useful resources.

The publication Patient and Public Engagement for Health and Wellbeing Boards points to two publications from PPI Solutions as well as many other useful resources.

PPI Solutions director Jessie Cunnett said: “Health and wellbeing boards have a golden opportunity to support the development of locally driven but strategic and joined up patient and public involvement and engagement, leading to real outcomes driven by local people.

“Understanding how best to achieve this in a way that meets the needs of the many not the few is critical. They are well placed to co-ordinate the ‘players on the pitch’ and to ensure local views are captured and considered in a way that maximises the impact of local voices.

“They should ensure they preserve the essence of ‘public’ services, ensuring systems and structures operate to serve the interests of the people they are set up to serve rather than to serve their own interests.”


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