Having a Voice in Health and Social Care – training for patients and the public

January 6, 2017

Having been delivered to over 500 people over the last two years, we have refreshed our training to ensure it meets the current challenges faced by patients, the public and the NHS. With new information about Sustainability and Transformation Plans, commissioning priorities, the provider landscape and the role of regulators we always tailor the content to reflect the local area.

Following feedback from participants the sessions are run across two half days, this is manageable for people in terms of time and means the days aren’t too long.

“We run the sessions at whatever time of day suits the community we are working with, morning, afternoon or evening including weekends where this is requested” said Edita Eitmantyte Projects Co-ordinator for PPI Solutions.

The Having a Voice in Health and Social Care training is a tried and tested programme that has been delivered across the country with great success over the last five years. It provides a chance for people to understand the system and the pressures it faces as well as develop the knowledge and skills to get involved.

Some of things people have said recently:

“I liked creating a picture of the very broad framework and pulling together a lot of ‘knowledge’ that was floating previously.”

“The session today is applicable to many situations in life.”

“I enjoyed the explanation that things are not as complicated as you would think. We can affect change.”

“The course will help me think about my behaviour at meetings and decide whether I am achieving what I want.”

Jessie Cunnett, PPI Solutions Director said, “We create a large map on the wall that puts the complex jigsaw of health and social care together in a way that people understand and can remember and we take a photo at the end for people to take away”.

You can access the brochure for more information here or contact us direct on info@patientpublicinvolvement.com or call 07964 007884 for a chat.



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