Healthwatch Croydon Vision 2020

November 6, 2017

Croydon Council led the way in holding a large multi-stakeholder event in September. With 80 people in the room including local people and organisations Patient and Public Involvement led a range of interactive discussions to find out what people saw as their future vision for Healthwatch.

Table groups designed posters to celebrate the successes of their future Healthwatch. Groups described an organisation that worked well in partnership, where everyone feels a part of it. Bridging the gap of communication between people and the NHS and social care. People described specific roles for younger people and people with Learning Disabilities. The vision described an organisation to champion positive change and good health for residents, demonstrating better care because people have been listened to.  Recieving feedback from people about their experiences and using that to make a positive change.

The detailed findings of the event were written up by us and used to inform a discussion with potential future providers as a market shaping workshop we facilitated.

We are looking forward to seeing how Croydon puts the ideas of local people in to practice.

















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