Healthwatch Staffordshire and Healthwatch East Sussex Award Winners

July 4, 2014

We are delighted to be able to congratulate the teams at Healthwatch Staffordshire (Winner) and Healthwatch East Sussex (Highly Commended) on their achivements in this years Healthwatch England Annual Conference.

Engaging Communities Staffordshire (ECS) and East Sussex Community Voice (ESCV) are the organisations behind these award winning Healthwatches. Two of our favourite and most rewarding projects in the last couple of years. Working with Mutual Ventures (who provided the business expertise) and local stakeholders in each area, Patient and Public Involvement Solutions led the work to co-produce pioneering social enterprises that would fundamentally shift the way local voices are able to influence health and social care services.

Both models are built on having a sustainable social business model, that can genuinely re-invest its resources and energy back into the community. Particular features of these Healthwatch are that they are arranged around the delivery of key products and services that are of vlaue to the local community. These mirror the requirements of Healthwatch but allow for development and growth beyond the core Healthwatch offer. They are also unique in how they work with voluntary and community sector partners. Both ECS and ESCV are set up to provide some services in house but to look to commission external partnerships wherever appropriate. This allows them to work from a much wider base of expertise and flexible capacity as well as re-invest in local people and communities.

Huge congratulations go to both teams from us. The work to develop bespoke organisations such as these, with the right people in place to push the boundaries at many levels is never easy. In each case there was enormous local commitment to get it right, with innovation, entrepreneurship and passion.

PPI Solutions Director Jessie Cunnett said, ‘I am so chuffed for the teams in both areas and quietly proud of our work to create these organisations. Breaking new ground can be a lonely place to exist but every now and again people come along who see something in what you’re trying to do and believe in you to deliver it. Huge thanks go to these people, you know who you are..’

PPI Solutions has now worked with more than 30 Healthwatch across the Country, if you would like to know more about the work or to look at developing your Healthwatch social business model please get in touch.


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