Improving Services Together

June 8, 2015

Patient and Public Involvement has been working with a number of Clinical Commissioning Groups to provide learning and development for their patients, public and staff.

“The development sessions are rooted in the commissioning cycle, exploring in depth each aspect of choosing and buying services. We top and tail the work on the commissioning cycle with sessions on understanding the complexity of the health and social care system looking at who pays for what and who influences who and finishing off with understanding the role of a patient or member of the public in commissioning and the skills required to make sure the time people give up to get involved is worthwhile”.

“Thank you for this opportunity – as a Carer, I feel empowered to be part of the seminars, especially as I have had a lot of experiences  both from GP and Hospitals in the last 15 years.  This was an escape from my daily struggle, a place to voice, share and to hear the changes and engage with matters close to my experience daily in my role as a Carer.” Vijay (Hounslow Resident)

Jane Lodge, Head of Engagement at Brighton and Hove CCG said; “Thanks so much for the Champions course; it was great to see how keen everyone was , and how positive they were about setting a date for “next steps”.

Lesley Humphrey Lay Member, Coastal West Sussex CCG said “Facilitator: Brilliant – informative, interesting, entertaining and challenging.  She balanced the time and the discussions extremely well. Objectives: made very clear at the outset and constantly referred to throughout. Content: Spot on with just the right mix of talk/slides and group work/discussion.  I’d not change anything!”

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