Local Healthwatch – What Good Looks Like

July 29, 2015

Patient and Public Involvement Ltd. has developed a package of support designed to help explore, develop and state what good looks like in relation to the functions of a Healthwatch at this crucial stage.


The package is relevant to commissioners and providers of Healthwatch as it provides evidences of success, and areas that may require further development.


This is especially important as many Healthwatch contracts will be coming up for renewal or re-commissioning, with commissioners considering what a new specification of services might be based on. Not understanding what good looks like can leave a commissioner at a loss in fully understanding the potential of a local Healthwatch service offer.


The package is flexible and affordable. It recognises that not all local Healthwatch have the same operational structure, level of funding, or local relationships. The package enables a Healthwatch to demonstrate value based on local demographics, and services.


So the package is suitable for:


  • Healthwatch that are doing well and Commissioners who want to re-commission or extend contracts but might need to demonstrate a review of progress
  • Healthwatch that are doing OK and Commissioners who are not sure and are looking for evidence to inform their decision-making
  • Healthwatch that are failing and Commissioners who are looking for co-design on the next steps


We recognise that Commissioners need to demonstrate value, both financial and social, this package provides this information through two workshops, followed by a report that would help inform and guide commissioners into the next round.


Patient and Public Involvement Ltd. will work with local Healthwatch to ensure that the relevant participants take part, local information is included in discussions, and that the report recognises any locally agreed quality statements for Healthwatch services.


If you would like to learn more about the support package please contact us for a chat:

info@patientpublicinvolvement.com or call 07964 007884


Support Package Outputs:


2 x half-day workshops – mixed stakeholder workshops


i) What good looks like (quality standards)

ii) Demonstrating Best Value (financial and social)


1 x report providing rationale and evidence demonstrating how Healthwatch meets an agreed set of quality statements and provides financial and social value in delivering its services. The report can also demonstrate areas of improvement or adjustment. The report can be used by the Healthwatch provider and the Local Authority Healthwatch Commissioner, it can be shared with Health and Social Care providers, and inform stakeholders and communities of the work of their local Healthwatch.



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