#Twitter4Care – Social Media as a tool for engagement and change

October 21, 2015

Our keynote presentation at Brighton Universities #Twitter4Care event focused on the experience of using twitter rather than being experts in it. The power of social media to generate interest on subjects that matter quickly and cheaply is too good an opportunity to pass up. We started the event by asking everyone there to write on a piece of A4 paper one word to describe how they were feeling about Twitter right now. Mystified, hesitant, confused, stuck, curious, potential and pressure were among them. We were inspired by and gave examples from Kate Granger, Helen Bevan, Roy Lilley and Gill Philips who have all done amazing things using the power of Twitter to engage people in health.

Working with the brilliant Learning Technologists from Brighton University Fiona @FMacneill and Katie @katiepiatt the event was put on by the School of Applied Social Science’s Mary @marydarking. After our bit that was meant to get people motivated and keen to try it out Fiona and Katie worked with people to take part in live tweet-ups and a quiz. Attended by a range of people from across the University and from health and care organisations locally it was a lively and engaging event.

To conclude people were asked once again to provide a word to describe how they were feeling now about Twitter, but this time they had to tweet it! You can see the results and access a Storify of the event at #Twitter4Care.

A copy of the slides from our keynote available here.



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